5 Good Time Management Techniques

I have found these 5 good time management techniques to be effective for me and I felt like sharing this.
What Is The Best Way to Manage Your Time?

  1. Plan your day in advance. Planning is the first, the best, and most proven of all time management techniques.
  2. Find your productivity zone.
  3. Take regular breaks when necessary to ease stress.
  4. Say “no” and delegate some activities to others.
  5. Focus and block distractions so that you can reach your goals.

These techniques have been quite helpful to me, you may feel free to try one or all of them.


Delegate responsibly because there are other activities which cannot be delegated.


@Shalwyn_Mkuziwaduka we get to a stage where way pay alot for professionals to handle such activities, so I will say any activity can be delegated.


Hello Fortune, I really appreciate the tips you reeled out and I learned from them as well. I have tried to apply same in various aspects of my life. I would say that tips number 1, 3, 4 are sacrosanct. However, tips number 2, and 5 may not pass as being untouchable. Below are my reasons.

Your tip number 2, “find your productivity zone” may not be generally established because the life of an entrepreneur is dynamic. An entrepreneur may find his work to be constantly on transit, which means he could be moving from one place to the other. In this case, how would he be able to find a productive zone to ensure astute time management?

For instance, I am not only on transit but transiting from one rural area to the other. I am currently in a village without the comfort features of a metropolitan area.
Secondly, to focus on blocking distractions can work to some extent. However, there are some distractions that should be avoided by understanding and good communication.
For example, in this era where people are forced to work at home, some people have a dedicated room for their work while others may not have the luxury of such extra rooms. So, for the latter, they would have to work with what they have which may result to working in the midst of their family members (including loquacious children). In this case, trying to block off your family members may not be productive because it could cause misunderstanding and avoidable family rift.

For my latest remark on blocking distractions, I think it would be advisable to discuss with your family members and even friends about your work/project that got on your sleeves, hence the need for tranquility during working hours.

On the former remark in finding a productive zone, I would prefer to say that one have to plan and decide to be proactive to achieve set goals. The plan to surmount any obstacle should be the overriding driver of what you have to do irrespective an uncomfortable situation. Obstacles will come, but being proactive is key to surmount it. For example, as I aforementioned, I am in a rural area, aside what I came to do in the village, I have a plan to develop at least a course this year for osiriuniversity.com. Now, considering that I am in an “unproductive” zone, where there is no strong internet, power, soothing ambiance, it would have been an excuse to quit this TEF programme let alone to develop a rigorous course. But I am on them both because I have resolved to be proactive in any uncomfortable situation to achieve my aim. In the words of Steve Covey (1989) “Proactive people focus their time and energy on things they can control (their Circle of Influence) in lieu of reacting to or worrying about conditions over which they have little or no control (their Circle of Concern)” I hope my comment helps. Kindly comment or share your views on astute time management.

Emile Osiri


Stephen Covey (1989) “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” Free Press [Online] Link: https://www.franklincovey.com/the-7-habits.html (Accessed 30 June 2020)


@Benita_Dunia, That’s the point. We have to learn how to delegate task. You can’t be everywhere everything.




While delegation is important, know that the strategic work of the business lies on the owner and cannot be delegated. Only tactical work should be delegated.


If I may add,

  1. Good old reminder is also effective in time management especially in a fast-paced environment like Lagos or business community, reminders help you to keep up and keep on track.
  1. Plan for unforeseen circumstances by having a scale of preference, if something highly urgent and equally important comes up, which item on your to-do list are you willing to postpone to a later time or date, without incurring any waste or damages. As effective time management means that you can achieve all you goals within a set time period.

That is true. Delegate some duties to qualified persons and see to it that the job is well done.


@Fortune_Ojiemohin Thanks for this post. Helpful and much insightful. :blush::+1:


Yes, delegating some activities is quite important. Doing so can give the entrepreneur more time to concentrate on more important task on hand.


@Fortune_Ojiemohin you are right


When you give your employees proper on the job trainings especially on the vision, mission, objective and general operation of the business, you won’t be scared of delegating tasks.


Everyone’s been writing on delegation of activities. Note that taking a break when necessary helps relieve both physical, emotional and mental stress.when a business person gets too stressed it affect planning. Take a break when necessary even if it calls for vacations


Great piece. Thanks for sharing.


The 5 management techniques identified are good and are workable. Thanks


Good piece


You can’t do all by yourself…Great tips


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My contributions to this topic is you have to
a. Developing the act of listening
B. Learn to work as a team
c. Use priority folder
d. Control the paper junks
All these in addition the one reeled out by Fortune will go a long way to manage our time judiciously