5 habits that will make you fail in business


Great piece, motivation needed

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nice one thanks a lot

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Thanks for this wonderful advice, it’s an eye opener for me and I appreciate the time and thoughts you had to put in to get this message across to everyone.
Thank you once again

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Awesome! This are great points. Lack of proper record keeping also contribute to business failures. Thanks for sharing.

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Great article, thanks for sharing it

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Very true, being surrounded by negative people is a sure way to fail in any endeavor. Pesistent discouragement always always kills mojo.

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Straight forward and so impactful.I will use it.

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This is really an interesting article for every potential or already established business man need to read. Thanks for that!!

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True, good point

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thank you for this insight. i think i have to review how I work , I agree with you that work is good but to work smart and sharpen one’s skills are better. We should always seek for better ways of doing things

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Lean Canvas covered this. A minimal margin is your real business NOT future predictions

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@AGBOGHOROMA_ALBERT this article is great thanks for sharing. Am going to list them down and start working on each one of them at a time.

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Source of inspiration i wish everyone gets to read this post. Let me send it a friend as well.Thank you bro

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This is indeed a very useful information only when applied.

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Definately Think Wise and work Smart… BOO…OH

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quite interesting sir

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Thank you for the tips

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I feel challenged. Thanks

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Good advice,you have open my mind More