5 habits that will make you fail in business

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Interesting conversation. Lets add sleeping to one of them. i believe waking up early is a catalyst to fast developing our ideas and growth. Wake up early before anyone else and think!


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Very brilliant. You’re just on point. Am glad I have good people like you.

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this is quite thoughtful and thought provoking.

@Waribo_Ebirien thanks mate. We failed a lot up to now im in my 12th year of persistence. The formal way of Keep Trying in companies is called Research and Development where fhey keep trying till something good comes up!

Hehehe i thank you, most of us enter the business word because we are money and power hungry which can be very dangerous. Sometimes we don’t realize it but because of your post i picked some negative things about my self. i thank you

In business you action should be base on aiming at the top which you find youself doing so you dont need to involve persons that will fall the business by asking all the time for credit and never pay back.

Having gone through that stage, being so hungry to excel in business and made a mess of the whole thing, I can say I have learned a thing or two. Nice write up. An eye opener.

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Not working according to the core value of the organization, non encouragement of employees, no proper knowledge of the sector, no access to raw materials

Lack of mental skills Also lead to business failure

Mental skills encompass self-discipline, confidence, ambition, productivity and positive core beliefs.They affect your attention span, memory, comprehension, processing skills, logic and reasoning. Having strongly developed mental skills enables you to get through any situation without feeling like a failure.

Great write-up. I learnt a lot.

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