A story that just started from an idea

(Aliyu Muhammad) #1
     How it all started from a simple idea.                                       After reading some great business books like think and grow rich by Napoleon hill,rich dad and poor dad by Robert kiyosaki,the 5 second rule by mell Robins and the likes I developed much interest in investing. Before this happened,I used to believed that a business only requires money to get in to the atmosphere. But reading those books it all changes my philosophy. It really did happened about 2month to my POP as Nysc corps member. The idea I developed is such the like to say “unbelievable” I only have 2k in my pocket but to my amazement my focus push me hard to spent it in the investment,though it’s not my town and no one will give me food. From then I believe only real business mind can take such a great risk. I will continue with the story if you love it.maliyu718@gmail.com

(Michael Mhango) #2

do u think its possible that the story could have ended differently?

(Aliyu Muhammad) #3

It is still going. As a result of the idea, I founded a skills acquisition center, an extra moral lessons,career guidance and a special English class training beginners,intermediaries and professionals. Currently we have 90 students and people are coming to us. So it’s still going. And I have many ideas and dreams that wanted to achieve. I don’t know the extent the story will reach

(Michael Mhango) #4

Thats very great news. Congratulations. Are you mentoring others or building that passion in them so that they can break away and start a movement just like you did?

(Aliyu Muhammad) #5

Yes. The main objective is to create employment opportunities.Should the government or a strong body help us,I am planing to create many things. They include like : teaching people skills like yoghurt production and when they create we will sell it and give them out of the profit. The more we have productions the more people will benefit.actually I have a plan to create thousands opportunities. I am trying to source out money to promote the idea. The reason why I wanted to develop this is becomes I see in our society there are countless jobless people that depend on the government while in actuality the government can not give them jobs. Then what will happened if they the didn’t find a legal way of earning a living. It’s said”necessaty is the mother of invention “ this means the crimes rate will increase. This is one of the biggest reason I wanted to developed the ideas. But I really needed a support. Thanks for giving me your time.