Accounting Software for professional Entrepreneurs

Accounting is the integral part of any business operation, it can be tasking, time consuming and a single mistake will ruin everything.
Using an automatic accounting software that

  1. calculates your profit for you,
  2. allows you to add your employees for them to also log in and close their daily sales
  3. allows you record your daily expenses
  4. *Sends Invoices to your customers.
  5. reminds you of those that are owing you.
    and generally performs all the tasks you would have paid an accountant huge amount of money to do for you

These are the two accounting softwares I use.

  1. : I love this cloud based software because they allow me choose the areas each employee will have access to. for instance, my salespersons can add invoice, approve invoice and record payment but once added/approved/paid, He/She cannot have access to delete or edit any invoice. They can also record their expenses but cannot delete or add.
    Secondly their subscription fees is modest, not expensive. its more like subscribing to your Cable network.

  2. This is a totally free one. it will give you everything you need as well, but you cannot choose the custom role of each user you add, they already have roles you can choose from.

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@csavourassociates thanks for sharing

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@Oluchi_Agha you’re welcome. Those two applications are the best, with them you don’t have to worry about accounting, bookkeeping, inventory, customer details, and so much more. It will help you know how much a customer has spent in your establiment and more. Just take your time to learn it first so you enjoy it.

Infact with this software, no need to employ an accountant.

@Longji_Kumdet have you tried any of the two?

@csavourassociates in the process to adopt it

@Longji_Kumdet, Its alright

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