Agribusiness and african youth

What is the relevance of agribusiness to African economy and its citizens especially the youth


Agribusiness is the live wire to the African economy. The agribusiness comprises of all the Agricultural Value Chain that gives the Africa economy it survival. In as much as there is human existence, there will be agribusiness. The youth should make a concerted effort to get into agribusiness where there a lot of opportunities for invest.
i us this platform to invite the Nigeria Youth that have the Passion to invest in Agribusiness to join the West Africa Agribusiness Show. You will be educated and informed on areas to invest in Agribusiness and the modern Technology used in Agricultural like the Kibbutz system of Agriculture in Israel.


Agric is not only a business it is a culture and way of life. I speak 100% sure that without agric humans will go hungry. Agric is the first important thing to humans on earth before any others. I support you to urge youth to invest whatever they can in agric both subsistence and commercial to spill up our agricultural economic for easy flow and lesser price of food stuffs in the market place.

@Sherif_Adeniji, thanks for this interesting question. As it is said No Nile , No EGYPT, so also is No Agriculture, No a living Soul. Agribusiness has been the engine room of a robust economy in the developed countries in the world such as USA, CHINA , SINGAPORE, to mention but a few. Over 60% of billionaires in abroad are farmers but in Africa, you can n’t point to 2 or 3 farmers as millionaires because of African mindset & mentality. It is high time we should go back agribusiness rather than shading the shadow on crude oil. Our youth should take their destinies in their hands and develop interest in Agriculture value chain in order to overcome acidic poverty in the land.
Our governments should create an enabling environment that will motivate our youth to invest in agribusiness. Agriculture is a fruitful weapon we can use to change our world.