Are you selected?

Are you selected ? thanks GOD you have been benefiary and thanks to the TONY ELUMELU POUNDATION


Yes. I’m grateful and thankful for this great lift. Now I’m ready to start a business I so much desire all this years. Thanks Mr Tony Elumelu foundation. :pray::pray::pray::pray::pray:



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it was the best opportunity i have ever had.


which selection sir?

Ce serait un grand plaisir si j’ai été sélectionnée. S’il vous plaît pouvez vous me confirmer si j’ai été sélectionnée pour le programme ?


Ok are they short listed

Some say they were alarted

Which selection are we talking about? Has feedback from the business plan and financials submitted been sent to paarticipants? Please clarify


Bonjour, j’aimerais savoir si je suis sélectionné ou pas? Merci bien à TONY ELUMELU FONDATION

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Yes of course

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Can any body please send me his template of TEF before he submit this my email address please I need your help

Which type

Please update me on business plan approval

Please update me about business plan and financials approval, because i have no information yet about this! No email so far

Please, Is necessary for any applicant to written a project from weak 1 to weak 12 in the mentorship? If this is necessary for all I need to update the topics

Yes I am grateful GOD and thankful for this opportunity to make change in our continent and country by vision of Tony Elumelu foundation.Thanks and Thanks

You people should please stop spreading rumours regarding the foundation. Over desperation will not earn you anything. If you’re destined to be among the beneficiaries of this great foundation you will definitely be selected and if you’re not, you have to be patient and try another time.

By saying that you’re selected while in reality you’re not, you are doing nothing but discouraging others from learning positive things about the foundation activities.

Yes it has been sent.

Bonjour tout le monde j’ai un petit souci je vois mon nom sur la liste des présélectionnés mais j’ai pas reçue de mail .que dois je faire ?