As entrepreneur in business, how is this period of Corona Virus affecting your business?

Share with us how is this global problem of Corona Virus is affecting your business negatively or positively ?

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I do services that require human contact… It’s sad :cry:.
Clients are afraid :fearful:. Every one seems to be isolating themselves from any risk. My team is also afraid of each member. Sales are almost on minus…

The biggest business is finding the latest news on Coronavirus, especially in African countries.

Is really a difficult time

With Entebbe airport closed and all boarders closed. In a land locked country every product has gone so high, yet clients are crying of lack of money. But am sure together we will emerge from this having grown and developed new ways.

In this era of corona virus, the business will take a new dimension of Teleworking, using more online platforms to reach our customers. such as emails, phone calls, Instagram, Telegram, Facebook ads, etc.

This is a very difficult time as operations have almost come to a stand still. Prices of commodities have also increased which has raised the cost of business.

Well spoken

I offer services that requires human contact. It’s in the sport domaine. All events of has been stopped within the world. So just awaiting for the end of Corona

Well in Nigeria here, we are still able to make sales in the market just that everyone is taking ultimate measure because of the reality of the Corona Virus (Covid19). Market is not full as it should be, customers are not flowing in much.