Business canvas model

Please I need clarification on the business canvas model, are we editing and inputting corrections in the first canvas model or different models for different weeks. Secondly where do I input my key partners. Thank you

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We are editing the first business model canvas as a continour improvement. However, business model canvas downloadable from Strategyzer website is different from lean canvas which is from Apparently, the business model camvas is a standardized canvas for businesses while the lean canvas is principally for entrepremeurs/startups.
Business Model Canvas has Key partners, Key activities, key resources, value proposition, customer relationships, customer segments, channels, cost structure and revenue streams while
Lean Canvas has Problems with existing alternatives, solution, key metrics, unique value proposition with high level concept, unfair advantage, channels, customer segments with early adopters, cost structure and revenue


Thank you very much. This is really helpful. Will download the one from strategyzer. I have been using the one from

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lean Model canvas is downloadable too

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its advisable you use the one from since that is the one linked to our training Resources

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Ok. But it doesn’t have the column for key partners, does it?

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Good job.

Thank you


oh wow , thank you for this. but the downloaded pdf can’t be edited ? just tried doing that now…

Thank you for this really helpful

Thank you for the clarification

Is the one from leansack edittable?

No…Yes if you use a licensed ensed pdf editor

Thank you

You have done well

You can change the format from PDF to word document