Business idea implementations

(Uloma Alozie) #1

Using 5-ps in marketing strategy has helped me in my business which is Product, Price, Promotion, Place and People.


Thank you for the insight

(nura Muhammad) #3

Giving bonus to my costomers helps me getting more customers


Yes I agree with you Uloma. I run a honey production and marketing business and my success stories are connected to the 5-Ps as you have mentioned.


the 5- Ps of marketing each play a distinct role yet connected to each other to bring about more sales, more revenue, more growth,more profit through new customer’ purchases and repeat purchases of old customers. as Entrepreneurs we need to understand and use these marketing mix to achieve our business objectives and goals

(Knowledge John) #6

True. Everything else falls in line when the 5-Ps are well attended!

(Telio Numaio) #7


FOr me I used the SWOT analysis to gain my first contract. I work in logistics and transport, and I aspire to get in to Financial services and real state business