Business Plan Summary for Obemach Pharmacy Ltd

(Nathaniel Obiadi) #1

This Business Plan is for Obemach Pharmacy, a wholesale pharmaceutical company that offers health care such as supply and distribution of quality medical products to wholesale, retailers and dispensing pharmacies. We meet the various needs of medical institution and also offer quick and reliable delivery of medical products and concerned with general commercial pharmaceutical products and provision of the general public with safe and reliable Information of medical products.
Obemach Pharmacy is a registered Pharmaceutical Company with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) and Pharmacists Council of Nigeria (PNC). We are into buying and selling of Pharmaceutical products, hospital equipments and other medical related materials in Nigeria, we are keen in rendering optimum health care to the community. A pharmaceutical wholesaler must accommodate various needs for medical institution and dispensing pharmacies, and make quick and reliable deliveries.
We currently supply over 30 pharmacies with their various needs of quality pharmaceutical drugs and other medical materials. Due to our increasing demand of our goods and services, we wish to establish a mega pharmaceutical wholesale shop in Abuja where wholesalers, retailers, hospitals and other medical institution buy most of their products without having to travel to the different products companies for their procurement.

Obemach Pharmacy in contrast to general commercial product is also keen to providing the general public information for a safe and reliable usage of medical product. We currently provide tens of thousands pharmaceutical products to dentists, clinics and ethical pharmacies with the pharmaceutics products, medical equipment sanitary materials, diagnostic material and over the counter drugs to be distributed to hospitals, pharmacies and drugstores.

Obemach Pharmacy is set to become one of the best pharmaceuticals and medical products distribution company in Nigeria which is why we are taking serious strides towards proactive measures to create partnerships and collaboration, hiring the best hands and acquiring a mega pharmaceutical sales and supply business facility while we put together processes and strategies in place such that will help us employ best practices and ensure quality product/service delivery.