Business Plan Summary: NSVP Scientific

(Ndeshipewa Hamatui) #1

What is the problem you are solving?
There are currently no manufacturers for scientific chemicals, reagents and laboratory ware in the country. The current supply of these scientific items to local institutions has a long lead time and very costly. Our business is determined to bridge this market gap. The ultimate goal for our business is to utilize locally available raw materials to manufacture scientific products.

How does your solution create and capture value?
NSVP Scientific provide tailor made high quality scientific products and solutions for our customers. Helping our customers reduce cost by buying customized sizes based on end user needs.

Why is your solution better than everything else?
Our products are customized for our customers, are cheaper and are readily available. We comply with international standards during manufacturing. NSVP Scientific will become the only local manufacture of service laboratories consumables.

Who exactly is your customer?
Our customers are scientific institutions such as Service laboratories, Academic laboratories, Manufacturing and Mining companies.

How much is your customer willing to pay?
Our potential customers are willing to pay a lesser price in comparison to the current prices they pay to import scientific products.

How will you reach your customers?
The business will utilize two forms of distribution channels: directly to customers and through agents/sales representatives. These channels will aid in consistent, efficient and timely delivery of products.

Who do you need to help you create this business?
The business has 5 cofounders who have equal shares in the company and have the skill set to develop products.

What can you do to rapidly scale up production?
Secure additional funding and employ additional staff with required expertise to establish additional business units.

Why will the necessary individuals help you scale up your business?
NSVP Scientific is a lucrative business for investors. Aspiring employees are offered better working conditions and vast opportunities for personal growth. In addition, our remuneration packages are competitive.