Business tip and trick for female entrepreneurs

Women have the ability to be successful entrepreneurs especially with the advent of social media technology. Women or girls have more followers and friends on social media in thousands and ten thousands. A girl can post a photo of her self and amasses hundreds and thousands of likes and comments than men. Why not turn those people into customers, interact with them, give them your business address, pitch your products to them. Am sure women receive more messages inbox and play hard to get. Instead, use that to turn that man bothering you into customer, do it in a smart way and use psychology and turn him into a customer. If I was a woman, that would be my strategy but since many of us men are ugly. But I feel women out there should use their opportunities well.


:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:this is funny but true and inspiring. I’m definitely turning those followers into customers. thank you


@Sadie-Sia_Sellu,keep it up bdear.You are right

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Yes, turn all those opportunities into business deals for your self.

Thank you dear!

:joy: :joy: I find this funny too but very astute. I’ll surely apply it. Thanks


@Nice_Musana you are right but here is my opinion about followers.
A personal page is different from a business page:

  1. A personal page gets more followers basically on life style and your everyday fun activity
  2. A business page is strictly for business.
  3. Those that follow you on your business page are there for buying. People contact you for your products when there’s proof of business activities on your page this is because of scammers online.
  4. Those that follow you on your personal page are there for your life style and fun content.
    5 . Turning your personal page to your business page is a good idea but have it at the back of your mind that as soon as you start to post business related activities on your personal page, you loose followers and may not even make sales too , that’s because they weren’t following you for business activities.
    Most of my clientele were not gotten from my personal page, alot of them ignore too, most of them want to buy especially when it’s linked to my business page.
    My advice is always link your accounts, advertise your products on your Instagram and Facebook stories too and tag your business page.
    Your business page should be strictly business content, post proof of payments, customer feedback, working activities,promote your business page e.t.c. All these builds your brand not your personal lifestyle, there’s a difference.

It is true but people tend to move pass anything that doesn’t have human shape. Example is whenever I post a picture of myself I get so many likes and comments but whenever I post a picture of my product I get very few likes or comments. Moral of the story take a good picture of you and your product. Your followers might want to comment more. Just saying.


@Benita_Dunia yeah, its true linking of the account is a good idea I like it. Thanks

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Nice meeting you all

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@Nana_Ahmed1 you are welcome, I am glad you liked it.

That is true @Benita_Dunia, and that’s why I added one has to do it smartly just as you have elaborated. The thing here is to channel those followers or friends on your personal page to your business and turn them into customers. We connect to our best customers who buy from us regularly on a personal basis, this is because we build bonds with them. And its through their referrals that we also connect to other customers. So, for me I would not mind engaging two or three people a day in my DMs on personal level, use my marketing language or persuasion and twist the conversion to direct them to business address, business page or products. Creating that connection is key.

@Nice_Musana that’s a smart one too