Can anyone be an entrepreneur or some people are destine for it?

Am of the opinion that not everyone is carved out to be an entrepreneur but however the art and science of entrepreneurship can be learned.


Entrepreneurs can be born with a super natural drive and can also be created through education, training and mentoring.Therefore there are destined (born driven entrepreneurs) and created entrepreneurs.

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Yes,anyone can be an entrepreneur but some have strong passion to become an entrepreneur.For anyone to become an entrepreneur and be successful,adequate training and mentoring is a must.Even the one, that is born with entrepreneurial traits,still need training and mentoring adequately.


Entrepreneurs are not born, they are made.

Some are born, some are made. In both cases, hard work, diligence and sacrifice matters

U choose wat u want to be

Yes of course, anyone can be an entrepreneur. But there are people who are born with entrepreneurship abilities and skills, however, these can also be acquired through intensive training. People who have the desire and will power can learn these skills and succeed as an entrepreneur.

There are people who are entrepreneurs by destiny and others by hardwork. It’s not wha that destiny does to us that matters, but what one does with destiny. Therefore, entrepreneurship can be achieved with or without destiny.

An entrepreneur can be born and made

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C’est une question de choix.

There are individuals who have passion to create change from tender age and some grow up due to some circumstance they develop interest in entrepreneurship and excel when they venture,so it doesn’t matter if you have this passion from birth or just suddenly developed interest,born or made the most important thing is hardwork and diligence.

Some are born while others are made. In both cases, determination, discipline, hard work, faith and resilience will lead you to your purpose

Some are born, those one are divinely in-built entrepreneurs,it can also be learnt through training and mentorship

With the little discovery I made to understand is that entrepreneurs are people that are not been born but made.
Because there are people that perceives business opportunity an take advantage is scarce resources to use them.

Entrepreneurs are made. You can be born with zeal and passion of an entrepreneur but if you don’t push it to use through learning, relearning and mentoring, it will be of no good to the world. Anything we put our mind on can be achieved. So Entrepreneurs are made

a person or people who sets up a business or businesses, taking on financial risks in the hope of profit.
“many entrepreneurs see potential in the market”

I believe is not everyone that can be an entrepreneur because a lot of passion that propels it involved. A lot of times people go into entrepreneur to be self reliant or to avoid policies that involves working for other people in as much as it has a lot of advantageous effects the limitations are also there especially in a developing country like Nigeria.

In my Opinion…
It about passion (ability to push through stress and bounce back after small loss).
So entrepreneurs can be born and also made.

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