Can anyone prove this?

1×$1m is not = $1×1m
Let someone prove this mathematics with theoretical statement

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Since no one has replied in about a month, we clearly don’t have the answer. Prove it for us teacher @Akinduro_Dotun



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Yes boss,
$1m×1 is not =1$×1m
Provided that $1 is the value of your products or services and 1m are number of customers or consumers that patronize you, hence Ur business can give you $1m revenue when Ur products or services is consumed or patronized by 1m people. But $1m×1 means 1 customer patronizing $1m worth of Ur products or services.
I.E when U loose the customer U loose everything.
Mathematically; $1m×1-(1)=0,
while $1×1m-(1)=$999k.

  • Moral*; don’t be too concerned about how much you make per sales of a product, be more concerned about how many people are patronizing Ur products at a given price.

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The concept or idea that the mathematics is implying is a great business thought.