Can we create businesses inspired by the Coronavirus?

Yes, that’s perfectly fine. Just be careful with how you go about it. Sell something that helps people. Don’t exploit them.

For example, you may have noticed that a bunch of stores have been selling sanitary products like hand sanitizer, toilet paper, and wipes at inflated prices. That doesn’t help anybody. That’s just exploiting their fear. As such, their sales suffered for it. Some Amazon and eBay sellers got banned for price gouging.

In contrast, someone launched a website to show the death toll of the outbreak. That’s actually help, and it helps people visualize how serious the virus’s spread is.

Another business you can start is one that entertains consumers who are self-quarantining at home.

Maybe you could sell fun items like chess games, activity books, or checkers boards.
You could sell textbooks to help students whose schools have closed study at home.
Just start a business that helps people, not one that exploits and milks them. Good luck!