What would you do with a smal Corporation your Father died and left you with but although it’s been incorporated and good standing for 26 years and is without any debt and it has great credit along with a web site built and intact but there is no capital because the business hadn’t been worked the prior 12 months . For 26 years prior he made over $100k with it as an office supply wholeseller. What would you do with it? Apply for a loan and start working the business again? Turn the Corp. into something your passionate about doing, or sell it or Just leave it alone and close it down Or perhaps something else ? I’d Love to know what you would do if a small corporation like this one just fell in your lap?

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Twelve months is a long time not to be in operations, if it had been operational, it would have been easier. But this twelve months break coupled with a change in ownership will make it quite difficult to operate.

However if you still have access to the customer base, I will recommend you try as you can to get LPOs, then get loans to supply those LPOs.

I won’t recommend changing the company, that will increase your challenges ten fold.

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This is an eye opener and the philosophy can be applied to start-ups as well as existing businesses which would have been closed due to COVID-19 pandemic.

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