Change of seed money from $5000 to $10 000 .... A good news

(Martin Adator) #1

Imagine if TEF said, we will give every entrepreneur $10,000 grant, the training and business plans are optional. Plus, we will get each entrepreneur a free air ticket, 5-star room, free food at the Forum.
I think that is what some of us thought we would get from TEF - everything rossy and beautiful with no hustle. Even with that, some people will still not benefit.

Think about it, why would the TEF team give accommodation to only 300 out of the 3050? Why must we pay for the travel and accommodation ourselves? Why 12 weeks training? Why business plan approval? Why $5000 grant and $5000 random investment?

Unfortunately, I don’t have all the answers, but I think it’s because of the commitment they need from our side. Even heaven helps those who help themselves. We all will be learning a lot of practical soft skills that can help us build and run our businesses one day through the “short hustle” we go through. If not for anything, some of us have learned how to tell our stories. Some too will learn how to book their next flight, seek accommodation, attend international conferences, etc. through this TEF forum. If not anything, some will get to meet the real Naija and tell others how Abuja is. Those experiences, those little things are what will set us up differently among others. Personally, I learnt how to request for contributions. You may also learn how to talk to business people or organise meetings.

Some are too laid back for our liking. I watched last year’s TEF Forum where our President attended. While a lot of Nigerians and Kenyans were busy asking him questions, some countries did not ask a single question. Guess what, he ended up getting to the stage to shake the president and take photos with both the prez and the founder (TOE ).

We are too laid back, always waiting for last minute. And when all goes wrong we sit and complain that it’s someone’s fault. Instead of going out to hustle and face life, we prefer to sit in our room and complain or insult on social media…and wonder why we are still where we are.

When will some Afrikan youth arise and take hold destiny? :thinking: When will we be proactive instead of being reactive?

I sound harsh. But don’t get it twisted, I am in it too. I’m no angel. But, working hard to not be too weak in my thinking.

May God help us. May God help US! :pray:t4:

(Kevin Abunimye) #2

What if a person is not financially balanced enough to make the trip to Abuja? I saw that it was possible to view online, will that be okay?

(Martin Adator) #3

Yes, that will be… Not everyone will make it but if you can, then be there

(Onoriode Evaiwe) #4

I really love your write-up and your sincerity in saying it straight up without blinking an eye

(ismail osman ahmed) #5

Sounds like a proactive reaction to what already happened and keep happening.
The WHY questions would lead you far, instead enjoy fully the present moment, because it’s a PRESENT, and leave tomorrow for its uncertainty rule. Although you can’t take fully everything that TEF has provided, the subtility of it is to show us the road. Everybody is different, and it is a good news, imagine if we all were some, wasn’t it really boring? You don’t need to worry about the those who insult, it is a short instant, rather pray for them to regain their best mood.
TEF has made its part of the job, let’s concentrate on our part.
Be good and stay safe buddy
Ismail / Djibouti

(sylvester emamezi) #6

Don’t expect too much

(Yafet Kanyinji) #7

I enjoyed the writing style too

(Grace Baiye) #8

CEO you have said it all.

(Timothy Williams) #9

True fact, and a convincing food for thought.

(Ebuka Arinze) #10

this is really lovely …made me rethink my level of commitment

(Matthew Ekenna) #11

You sound harsh but you are truthful. And your points are right.

(Martin Adator) #12

I have change my ways of thinking. Do YOU? Thank you TEF

(Jikeme Francis) #13

I concur with you ceo

(Adegboyega Oyedele) #14

From beginning man loves comfort zone, God created and satisfied mankind but we all complain every seconds. I can tell you that the way you view some are not like that, some did not have phone, not to talk about internet connectivity. Some went to cyber cafe before they can do their task others are in remote area where they can not have access to internet. This sets of people will find it difficult to go to Abuja. Some think after selection they will received the money. The 12weeks training is more than $3,000, dont let all forget the Africapitalism. We are face with different problems and situation.

(Chukwuka Njoku) #15

Point blank


True, May God help us.

(Rita Chinda) #17

personally this TEF experience has exceeded my expectations, even if the seed capital money is not granted I will walk out of the forum as a winner!!! I did not have a clue what even my solution was, neither did i ever pay attention to what my customers problems are before this training. The seed capital can be spent in a day, but the knowledge we have acquired here will last for a lifetime and with this knowledge I strongly believe we can take over the world with unlimited businesses. I am immensely grateful for this opportunity and i look forward to networking with you all during the forum.

(Mildred Mayondi) #18

This is very true… I have be taught how to fish… truly this knowledge Will impact me as an individual, my family, my community, and the list keeps on.

(Katia Manjate) #19

I agree fully, I am an example of this. Since the beginning of Tef, I decided that I wanted to go to the forum, I confess it was not easy to get everything I already got for the trip, but I got it because I fought, I believed. I have much to thank TEF for the opportunity it affords us to learn, because I have learned a lot.

(Job Otor) #20

For informations alone is sufficient and enough for it can transform lives if put into practce.thanks to the visionaries leaders of this great opportunity that I have been longing for.but here it comes.I must be there live