Change of seed money from $5000 to $10 000 .... A good news

(Elizabeth Zippora) #21

well articulated

(Suleiman Kuchengo) #22


(Ndopa Banda) #23

Great write up but consider that the number of Nigerians and East Africans is huge and obviously will be more visible and impactful.
Look at Telegram, Nigerians seem like they are the only ones there due to numbers.
On the way the Foundation has taken the funding procedure I agree we need to work/ study with commitment so that we are helped.

(Ahmed Megahed) #24

It would be great if TEF may shortlist some unique projects each cycle that may have highest impact and potentiality to replicate in other African countries to receive additional support, this may be financial or networking with international donors , or investors

(Kelvin Nyangaresi) #25

First of all, u are very lucky to be selected as one of the cohorts, how many entreprenuers do u think missed this chance? be grateful and appreciate what TEF is doing. I DARE U TO START A FRACTION OF WHAT TEF IS DOING


Very educated god bless TEF

(Yafet Kanyinji) #27

this is true

(Kambale Bushu) #28

Good point made, thank you for voicing out how laid back we can become in our pursuit.
We are comfortable to be spectators than participators; readers than authors. Maybe deep within the African soul; we are afraid “to be” We are afraid to let our light shine. we are afraid of our own light. However the African sunrise is the most beautiful in all its facets and rays.
We are born to shine hence the the tide is changing for some and many more to come.
For as one light shines, it automatically sets others FREE to shine as well.
Hope to meet you some day.

(nura Muhammad) #29

Good news for us entrepreneurs

(nura Muhammad) #30

The bigger money is stronger than small money

(Michee NKAKA) #31

C’est vrai, nous les africain, nous aimons que le gouvernement fasse tous pour nous, les mains croisées, marchant avec nos CV dans le recherche de l’emploi, honte à nous

(Masego Dode) #32

I agree

(Victoria Bassey) #33

Nice and sincere write up…we can’t continue to sit and wait to be spoonfed, we have to take part in shaping our entrepreneurial journey and transforming Africa one step at a time.

(Rahma Alqasim) #34

Thanks for the advice ceo


That was a big piece of advice for all of us. Thank you Bro.

(ismail osman ahmed) #36

A statement started with “imagine” is definitely IRRELEVANT !!! you said you are “harsh”, indeed…

(Adoyizaj) #37

You have said it all. What so ever one value and have passion for. He/she will not played with it. Thanks

(Fily Keita) #38

This will be great

(Martin Adator) #39

thanks, we will change the $5000.00 to $50B by our self soon

(Chika Eze-Anopuo) #40

Amen. Beautiful write up