Consequences of changing a business idea after submission

After undergoing training so far, I have decided to change my business idea to something that makes sense. Are there any consequences for doing that? Can I be disqualified?


Hello Moses, I think before you do that, it will be advisable to discuss that with your mentor(if you have any) or you do a mail directly to TEF on FAQs. Also take note that your previous idea has been captured during your application and that was what gave you the level you are right now. Good luck.


Thanks for the advice…

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Hello dear, without being an expert, I think and ask you to read the TEF rules or FAQs, you will find a better answer but as far as I am concerned, this should not be possible because your selection was made on presentation of a business project and changing it along the way and is this allowed? I would be surprised because it is as if you submit another project while you have another one running. The rules are clear on this, only one project at a time otherwise disqualification. The system will look for duplicates which will be eliminated or disqualified. Instead, take the time to see what’s wrong with this one and work on improving it.

Thanks Yarguima for the advise