Considering investors in my business

As interesting and profitable having investors invest in your business is, its not importantly meant for every business. Although the more of your equity you surrender to your investors, the more money for you if you can grow the business even further. For those considering having investors in their business in the future, it is important to seek the advice of professionals in that field cause doing the maths by yourself might be tricky.


Thank you Stephen for the advice please.

@Stephen_Kayode I agree with you. Though as a start up business I am making use of partners for the first 3 years of operation then we will consider bringing in investors. The value of your company is a determining factor for real investors. We will build our brand and add value to the business then bring in investors. In this way they can find the business trustworthy and will be willing to invest.


@Stephen_Kayode agree with you. I had an investor just by explaining my project to a sponsor who felt interested in the business and who initially asked me what I needed to launch the activity.
We drew up an action plan together:
1-/ To protect the creation with the intellectual property protection structures
2-/ Going to finalize our collaboration before a notary public
3-/ Implementation of the main steps to reach the objectives.
I realize that thanks to this investor I have taken great steps towards professionalism and the realization not of one business project but of several at the same time.
Disbursements are made according to the mutually agreed financing plan and this is progressing rather well.

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I believe a business inevitably grows to a point where external funding are needed via investment. However before opening your business to investors ensure you draft a legal document that covers a lot of scenarios

Toyin, that’s a very good idea

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@NKEIRUKA_IWEH. Thanks. I also know that some business need large amount of money that the initial TEF seed grant can not cater for. In such situations they will need more resources from Investors before starting operation

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Yes, I know that too. But whichever be the case, proper management is the key.