Corona Virus outbreak!

What is the situation in your location,please share

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Entebbe airport has been closed.
And all boarders to Uganda have been locked. Though the world seems to be at a stand still,

God help us all

Amen, the case seems to be getting worse by the day in Nigeria. But there is still hope

Taking natural vitamin would help. Eg pineapple, orange or even Garlic. I heard from a authoritative source

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Boundaries closed in Cameroun, airports equally, the population is quarantined, school and market places closed, i too I am respecting the rules and confined system given by the government

The situation in my NE state in Nigeria,; is calm, no registered case yet, all schools have been shut down, speculation and fear of stories from other states and federal capital abound every where.

If everyone takes measures and is well observed, we shouldn’t have issues in Nigeria. First measure: Stay at Home and Stay Safe.
Second measure: Take all precautions against the virus and report any smptoms notice in your body or neighbors around.
Third measure: Share the solutions, ways to prevent and minimize the virus in your community.
Fourth measure: Never spread rumors informations, unconfirmed informations, raw fact with the community rather educate your society on the virus and precautions to take so not to contact the virus.

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