Correcting some misconception for 2020 TEF applicants

I have met several 2020 TEF applicants who go straight to the business builder and start filling it to submit as 2020 TEF application form. Its really Hmmmmmmmmmm!
Please that is not what you are to do at this stage. At this stage, after signing up on tefconnect, click on application and follow the instructions on that page. If you are still not clear about it, please contact me on 07051354403 or any of the TEF Alumni . Note that if you are not pre-selected for the advance training, you will have to wait till 2021.


Is nice update, pls, do you have idea on how the pitching is going to be conducted?.

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Aucune idée cher ami

can you translate?

business pitching is always brief but powerful and informative about one’s business. Usually between 5 to 10 minutes. We don’t really know yet how TEF will conduct it, its either they bring all applicants to a central place or do it country by country and then bring all the best together for the 2020 cohot/ forum

I say: I don’t understand

Where is the venue for a 9 week training?