Creativity and Innovation in business cycle

In a fast-changing competitive environment, creativity and innovation are a necessity for the modern business organisation. Therefore, creativity & innovation are the technological know-hows that will bring improvement into your business products and services. Their differences are explained below:

1.Creativity-This refers to the ability and power to develop new ideas , inventions, to make life and business operations faster and better for mankind

2.Innovation means the use of these ideas to produce new things or make things new
However, the three techniques that facilitate creativity are:

a. Brainstorming-This was developed by Alex F. Osborn who was called the father of brainstorming.
Brainstorming emphasizes group thinking in solving a problem in a new and unusual dimension.
In the brainstorming session, a multiplication of ideas is sought and the rules are:

  • No ideas are criticized
  • The more radical the ideas are, the better
  • The quality of idea production is stressed
  • The improvement of ideas by others is encouraged.

b. Research

c. Synthetics- This was created by Williams J. Gordon. Here the members of synthetics team are carefully selected for their suitability to deal with the problem, a problem which may involve the entire organisation.
It involves a set of complex of interactions from which a solution emerges thereby resulting to invention of a new product.

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References: Management by Koontz, O’Donnel & Weihrich(1980), publisher-Mcgraw-Hill incorporation, Chapter 11 pg. 308-310.

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