Customer Profiling Part 1

Customer Profiling is the construction of your intended customers for your business.

The major advantage of customer profiling is that it informs the best marketing strategy to reach the intended customers. Creating a customer profile can be done using the word or excel application.

Listed below are the components of a customer profile.

  1. Customer Segment - This refers to the category of customer you intend to target. Example of customer segment are students, mothers, career couples, corporations, e.t.c.

  2. Gender - This refers to the sex of your intended customer segments. It can be left blank if not applicable.

  3. Location - This refers to the location you intend to get your customers from.

  4. Reason For Location - This states why you are choosing your location. More importantly, it tells if your intended customers can be found in that location to sufficiently sustain your business.


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This is my most important side of brand in business. Marketing strategies to gain customers.

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Such profiling aids classification of customers

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