Delegating Tasks

what other reason do i need to watch out for aside from when it seems every time i do something in my business and it gets messed up due to lack of delegation of tasks.


@Suleiman_habib it is always advisable to do your best as a startup,you can learn the needed skills online.Hire help and delegate as soon as you can afford to.
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i appreciate your comment, thank you.


@Suleiman_habib another reason could be to reduce key-man syndrome; in time of emergency when you are expected to be away for other business activities, you need someone who knows and understands the nitty gritty of your business activities to stand in for you.

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Because business must go on @NKEIRUKA_IWEH thanks

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@Nuhu_Salihu yes!!!, thank you

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Great topic thanks @Suleiman_habib




When task are delegated, it smoothen the operations of your Enterprise, but your staffs should be trained so they can handle every task given to them to minimize errors. Or mistakes that may cost the Enterprise huge sum to fix. Thank you.

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Correct delegation of task is key.

:point_up:Know what needs to be done and who fits in best to get it done.
:point_up:Depending on the level of your business, get an assistant or employee and train. Understand that in business, you can’t run it alone. Then trust him/her to deliver having being trained.

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