Difficulties in week 3

Please can anybody help out, I couldn’t open the cost estimate survey of week 3 to fill.

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I have not been able to access week three
When did yours pop out
Because mine didn’t

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Well, there is no way you can access Week 3 when we are just 2 weeks into the 12-week free training. No one has started Week 3 (next week’s) training We all started together, we’ll end it together.

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Thanks for the response, however something is wrong somewhere then, I started week 3 on Thursday, I have downloaded all the resource materials but only having problem with the one stated above

For those who have problems accessing certain elements of week 3 or later, join me on this link: https://t.me/tef2020entrepreneurs 2020 but I could only give you downloadable documents and online surveys have to do online


I am just un able to access week 3, how have you got over it?, I have done my surveys and tasks for week 1 and week 2, but i am unable to tick the tasks as done, when I tick and sign out, when I log in again they appear like undone, what is the problem?

good day, i have a problem navigating this platform such as finding a forum of my interest(fashion) and communicating well with a mentor. any advice will be appreciated pls. thanks.

Spend more time on the platform, browse through various options, you would learn better

thank you