I’m quite disappointed for not being shortlisted on the final list of TEF-UNDP Sahel entrepreneurs after putting in so much effort through the module training and the pitching competition. It’s heartbreaking but I’ll take it as it comes. Such is life. I’m glad to have somehow been part of the program.


Hold it up!
It’s only been a competition, there are always winners and losers.

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Sis, don’t be down. Apply tomorrow for the 2020… You will make it this time

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It’s really hurting to be on that side of the page, but what can we say, I will just advise you braze-up yourself and try again. Wishing you lots of luck as you do that and I believe you will be counted amongst the winners this time around.

Its really breaking, but that is not the end of life, the struggle continue as life continue, life is about trying until succeeded.

i also need help from any one with information on seed capital, up to now i have not receive mine.

Best regards
Adia Albino

Thanks the spirit a true entrepreneur never gives up