Hello everyone, it is clear that COVID-19 pandemic is an opportunity for Africa to set up a plan for its development and growth.
Also, for the past months now, it clear that those in entertainment sector like, fashion/design -fashion shows , cinema houses, event and management,club/bars and so many others has been out of operation. At this point ,will there be any need to diversify and if yes, what will they possible diversify to?

Friends what’s your view on this?


It is a really delicate question because it concerns the degree of transformation that needs to be done to encourage diversification. If it requires a lot of effort, it would be hard, but if it requires little effort. I have, for example, fashion people making masks of another kind with logos and in the effigy of companies and it seems to work, but the entertainment industry should use the means to raise awareness and inform people about everything that is happening around the disease. The evolution of research, the situation, barrier measures etc…

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