Do not hurry through the modules

Hello all, I would kindly advice that while we are in a hurry, we should not rush through the modules.

There are a lot of linked modules in the PowerPoint documents that we really need to study before taking the quiz.

I would recommend you take your time to read the modules at least two times before you try to take the quiz.


Thank you for the info

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Each module is meant for a week , are mine right? or the 6 module is for the one week?


You’re right, each module is valid for a week.


Each module is for one week. but after the 5th week being the module 5, on the 11th of June, the whole modules will be closed.
My findings are these-

  1. From 3rd May to 11th June is 5 weeks and some days, not up to six weeks
  2. Only Modules 1 to 4 has assessment quiz, and the fourth week falls on 31st of this Month (May) and during the on boarding session we were told that we should start arranging our business plan from 8th of June and last date of submission will be 25th of June.
    My Suggestions
  3. Use the information you got from the free preparatory category and start preparing
    your business plan
    2.Make sure you submit your weekly quiz for the 4 weeks, one quiz per week. TEF has given us complete four weeks, from 3rd trough 31st of this month for the four modules( 1-4). because after 31st, shortlisting will be on the 8th of June for those that will proceed to business plan submission.
  4. Use this first two weeks to also prepare your Business credentials and get your Account ready.
  5. Most Importantly, only the genuine ones can be able to succeed through this

I wish all of us the very best, and moreover the training here is beyond millions of Dollars.


Thank you for the advice. Infact this is a saver

Thanks for the advice but @csavourassociates does that mean that this week we only need to complete the bussiness management fundamentals only,as its the 1st module?

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My dear, I am still on page 7 of the first module… there are sites that you need to visit on the pages of the PowerPoint. if you truly want to learn, there is no way you can digest the whole information within the pages in 2 days. being consistent, give it at least 3 to 4 days.
These are the sites are encountered, which I am still learning from the resources in the sites

  1. on page 4, you will encounter this underlined phrase "

Personal Leadership" clicking on it will take you to leadership

  1. On same page 4, the underlined phrase

enhance your leadership capacity will take you to

Every underlined phrase or word takes you to the main resource library website. so it depends on you… to learn from those libraries or not. you can choose to finish the whole quiz in a day if you wish, or you can calm down and genuinely learn.
Hope my answers helps


To buttress this topic, read below:



Good one

Please don’t hurry through the modules like this post states.
Take your time, some answers to the questions are in the additional links and full documents of the module materials.
Don’t rely solely on the displayed report of the Business Management Training platform.
It’s been helpful for my quiz assessment, I’m in the Innovator Category, got 100% in Modules 1 & 4 and 90% in 2 & 3. That’s 380 out of 400, and a 95% of 100% total score :muscle:.
Wishing everyone sucess.

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Congrats @Nurudeen_O_Ahmed

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Much thanks @csavourassociates, it’s all a great learning experience :blush:.

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