Do want to win TEF 2020 .Lets help you for free . contact bjlacomida ventures @ gmail .com

Do you want to win TEF 2020 .let’s help you for free . contact




Thanks for your good spirit

Dear Madam,
I will appreciate your help to assist mentor or advice me on how to apply and win this year TEF 2020.
Best Regards,

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Contact me on 08038344259

Hi Joyce. Can you help me with your WhatsApp number instead? This number you gave 08038344259 seems not to be on WhatsApp. Thanks.

Hello Joyce, thank you for your good intentions to help fellow Africans like yourself. Thank you. Kindly text me your whatsapp number. Here is my

Call me first on that number

Call me on this no 08038344259. Whatsapp 0906983839

Whatsapp no. 0906983839

Thanks. please I have been cartigorised as a disruptor after undergoing the assessment test, I’m I expected to continue filling the application form?

Thanks a lot

OK, in God I trust

Nice gesture. thanks

Thank you for that