DO YOU REALLY WANT TO GET THE GRANT? - Then Stop The "TRIAL AND ERROR" - Let a Business Developer Handle Your Application

Getting into TEF is an uphill task…I know.

Trust me, I have first hand experience with rejection. My company failed twice before we finally got accepted. That’s 2 years of sitting in the cooler!

But in this period, we did our research and gained a strong and holistic understanding of the TEF process. We have been on the rise ever since!:smiley:

So Why Am I telling You All This?

I believe you do not have to fail, and fail and fail and fail again. 2020 should be that breakthrough year for you because now there’s a way out!

TEF is designed to last for only 10 years. This is its 6th year, the grants budget will run out in 2024.

You Need To Get Into The Program Before Then!

One way to succeed at getting the $5,000 grant from TEF is to let a seasoned business developer and financial analyst handle your application.

That’s right, get someone who knows the process in and out; someone who is willing to use unknown tricks to your advantage; someone who is prepared take on the responsibility of carrying out your application as though it were their own.

We are that person

My name is OG Adoga and I am the founder of OG Capital; a business development company based in Abuja, Nigeria. We provide external business management and planning services to enterprises at the bottom of the micro credit pyramid.

This means that we are well equipped to conduct your application from beginning to end with expert precision. And it does not matter what stage or industry your business is in - we literally blow selection panels away because, well, this is what we do for a living.

This is not even a joke.

Here’s a secret; All 5 criteria for selection are validly used by TEF. But in many cases, TEF ignores the business itself and uses “unpublished” case specific criteria for choosing businesses. You could apply with the exact same business as someone who got the grant, and still get rejected. It all comes down to the specifics, something that you have ignored for a while.

By The Way

We created an online community on Whatsapp with over 500 participants, you can join up using any of the links below (provided they do not get full before your arrival).



So, do you need help with your application? CALL US OR SEND A MESSAGE ON WHATSAPP 09050391411



This is a great one guys. Thanks for helping me get the grant with UNDP application and business plan last year. It seems as if your group A is full.

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Pls I am interested on the business training and ALSO I would love to get a grant from here, chidinma