Do you think Tef connect seed capital we make impact in your business activities?



Tef connect seed capital we be a blessing for Me as a person in educating, finding solution and building society for future target and also adding to my financial income


The seed capital will have a great impact on my business. It will enable me to expand my business.

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The seed capital will help in my business expansion and all help up coming businesses

The seed capital will be a dream come through to my business. As it will enable me expand my business by getting big space for doing all my productions and displaying all my products to reach to more customers and gain market entry, employ staff strength, train young entrepreneurs, both male and female, graduates and nongraduates. It will make my dream of becoming a great entrepreneur come through. So help me God.

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Yes, but the training is of utmost importance cos it will help me manage the seed capital.

Recieving seed capital will be a push forward for the startup. In deed i am already gaining more from the forum Space with many ideas coming from each personne.
And i hope to get many partners for my company. CAMSPORT EVENTScamsport%20event%20image contact us at for all informations

Tef seed capital will really do a great improvement,this is because of the resources we still need as a growing institution. Currently we cannot use the little capital to buy some nice furniture and yet we are still trying to grow.Currently the little capital we have can serve between 18-20 client and yet we have over 30 client who would need to be served every month if the business had enough finances. still we may need to buy computers and other equipment to make the business move smoothly.Therefore Tef will really give our business a big mileage.

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Yes the seed capital will be a big bust to my business idea.

Hi Everybody,i’m Togolese and i manage in english.In regards to question if TEF seed capital will have impact in our business;i say purely and simply that yes because every one expeting it to continue develop his/her idea or startup

Imagine where business is at the verge of collapsing because of financial constraints or lack a feasible idea to resuscitate it back to normalcy and suddenly enrolled in Tefconnect and worn the grand price? :dollar::pound::dollar::dollar:

Most definitely. It’s a YES. The seed capital will go a long way to help push my business to the next level. It’s really going to be a blessing to me.

Yea. Will go a long way.

TEF grant will definitely go a long way, but the training is the bed rock

TEF seed capital is a great blessing to me as an entrepreneur an receiving the training is the yardstick or a great foundation to my business.

Indeed is a great one to me

It will enable me expand my business thereby increasing revenue for myself and the goveenment

,Yes it will go a long way. It will enable me expand my business

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The seed capital plus all the training will give my business a fantastic push

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Yes, TEF Seed capital will make a greater impact in my business because it will push forward an strengthen the start up of my business to the level well expected.