Does Africa have the potential to become the China of tomorrow in terms of manufacturing?

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Yes she does, with the TEFConnect ideas of bringing younger entrepreneurs, it will happen soon



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yes Africa can and will. It begins with our mindset and believe system. If we can be patriotic in our entrepreneurial journey, resilient and honest we can. Get the grant, use it for the purpose it was given. As young African entrepreneur we on our own can build an SME hub with or without the help our our leaders in government, grow it wit collaborative network ideas. China didn’t begin from nowhere, it all started with favorable business and investment policies. this is where our government comes in. But with the recent security challenges spanning from different African Nations, this dram may be far from reality.

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African entrepreneurs are already on that path to take over amidst the challenges. With the support of TEF, it will soon be a reality

We have everything it takes to become like china. However endemic insecurity and corruption is our biggest challenge

Poor family values as well, contributes to our poor development

Yes indeed, Africa has the potential.

In fact, it’s not a question of ‘potential’, rather it’s a question of ‘when’. However, Africa is well on the way, though it’s a long walk to reality. It’s never going to be a sprint. It took China Centuries, it can’t take Africa less.

But we will get there!