Don't Disgrace Yourself - Here's How To Manage Your 2 Minutes At TEF UNDP Pitch

Hello, I am OG Adoga.

We already know that there are a total of 5 minutes allotted to each entrepreneur in the TEF UNDP pitch competition which is yet to begin.

These 5 minutes could turn out to the the most important moment in your life; it could be that turning point you so badly need for your business :star_struck: , or it could just be another disaster :frowning_face: . It all depends on you.

Once you get up on the stage to express you idea or business model, you will have only 2 minutes to speak. The rest of the 3 minutes will be dedicated to answering questions from curious and stern judges and mentors.

I will not be focusing on the 3 minute question and answer segment. I believe you know your business enough to stand your ground when the hail of questions come raining down. So in this article, I have taken my time to expose my template which is tried, tested and proven;

K.I.S.S - KEEP IT SIMPLE and STUPID.:innocent:

Yes, this is the age old trick that has worked since the time of Abraham. Forget all what you have read, stick to the very dumb basics. This is because 2 minutes is a veeeery short time, and it will vanish before you’re done beating the technicalities. Trust me, the judges already have an idea about what you’re on to, just tell it to them in a better light.

If you have watched Dragons Den, Sterling’s “The Pitch”, Shark Tank and The Next Titan, you will agree with me that this is true. Save the jargon for the questions, let the pitch be simple.

At TEF UNDP, you will have 120 seconds to talk about all the important things concerning your business. So let me break it down by offering you a standard approach;

THE HOOK - 40 seconds: Tell a compelling story about you and your business.:speaking_head:

EXAMPLE: Hello, my name is OG Adoga and I am the founder of OG Capital. In 2016, I moved with my family to Bauchi state in search of a job. I quickly realized that most young people like me did not possess skills that were relevant and I had to find a way to …

ABOUT - 20 seconds: Introduce your company. :man_teacher:

EXAMPLE: This is why I started OG Capital, a business development company that …

BUSINESS MODEL - 20 seconds: Highlight the market and how the business works.:dart:

EXAMPLE: It’s simple, we are developing human capital in urban youth within then ages of 15 and 35 by identifying and offering low cost skill acquisition opportunities…

THE JOURNEY SO FAR - 20 seconds: Talk about anything important you have achieved with the business. :white_check_mark::signal_strength:

EXAMPLE: Right now, we are registered with the CAC and we possess a business permit for our rented location in Azare where we are…

FUTURE PLANS - 20 seconds: Talk about what you intend to do with the money and where you see the company in 12 months.:rocket:

EXAMPLE: With assistance from TEF, we can expand our business to reach more youth, and set ourselves on course to make a monthly revenue of…


Thank you for reading my lenghty article, I hope it helped :grinning: . Please leave a comment below and let me know what you think. I also want to tell you that I am a professional business planner and a 5 star copywriter.

I have a reputable profile on Fiverr where I have written grant applications and proposals for hundreds of clients around the world. I also run OG Capital, a business development company that allows me to help lots of entrepreneurs like you with business plans, loan proposals, pitching decks, presentations, and other documents used to seek funds

Today, I invite you to join my Whatsapp group where I will be teaching you how to get selected for TEF 2020 among other funding opportunities.


My pitch alligns with the thoughts you shared here :sunglasses::heart_eyes:

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