Effects of E-learning in Africa on both teachers, students and publishers

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I believe e-learning shud be the way, but my question is, are ripe for it, how many schools in Nigeria can afford it?


Well i think this pandemic is an eye opener for everyone especially africans.

We are quick to copy life styles, dress sense, inshort the general way of living of the western world but fail to copy their educational advanvcement.

Many schools in african countries are on lock down because of this panademic, it’s like we are hit as much as the western countries, but they have carried learning online. Classes still continue online, but over here our kids are just at home watching movies, replying watsapp messages and facebooking.

If the educational system is reformed, and E-learning is encouraged or adopted, it will go a long way in helping our children.

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The effect of learning is to give us knowledge and experience.

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E-learning is a great approach to learning. It will not only make the student and teachers to be on their toes and bring creativity into the virtual classroom, it will encourage versatility. Publishers will also strive to research for better applications and user interface to make learning fun.
Nevertheless, I feel e-learning in Africa is faced by challenges ranging from sporadic power supply to unavailability of internet access for both students and teachers. Until these challenges are addressed, the beauty of e-learning will not be appreciated.

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