Entrepreneur coming together to raise the bar of Healthcare system in Africa

By God’s unending Grace as we are expecting to win the TEF seed capital, let’s bear in mind as we succeed in our chosen area of life we should not forget to give back to our communities especially in the place of healthcare. COVID-19 has shown how dilapidated our healthcare system in Africa is. God should have mercy on us and heal our land.


You are right,the health sector is nothing to write home about now we are all locked down we are stuck with our health care nobody is flying to London again.


We are all here together by Gods Grace

It’s sad… I think we should put more stress in pinpointing where our donations work in the healthy sector… Even with more donations, nothing seem to be changing…


I think that is where our proactiveness comes in

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Here’s my take, fine we are all aspiring TEF, hoping to be funded with our ideas, but only a healthy and happy people will buy from us. With this I think everyone one whether successful or not in this Funding should give according to our capacity to the health sector in our place of domicile. Even if it’s a monthly payment to buy paracetamol it will go along way in helping the center.


In the face of this pandemic, we need to have it in mind that in years from now, the spirit of africapitalism should remain in us and helps us to channel our giving to the health sector. Health is wealth


You just made a valid point Bro


Our healthy systems needs to be corrupt free. If you take a closer look, some African countries kept their gates open until they had cases,in the prime of all this, just to attract the funding for covid from world health organization… Systems needs leaders with a passion for Africa and her pipo…


We can only make a headway in the health sector and every other sector if the right people are there. I mean people who understands what good health means


Good healthy for Africa…

It’s not easy.

We can only be the right people if at every point in time, we think of others first before we act

This is the right time to give back to the community, especially in the health sector, in this time of COVID 19, no body knows who is the next victim because,
“At the end of the day it’s not about what you have or even what you’ve accomplished… it’s about who you’ve lifted up, who you’ve made better. It’s about what you’ve given back.” ― Denzel Washington

May God help our land in the name Jesus-Christ

We can work together to improve the Healthcare situation of our continent Mother African. We are committed to impact our community in a positive way.

It’s really a good opportunity to understand what’s critical in it and what really needs to be upgraded with these few funds in this sector. Because there will be if the crisis gets any worse. Our States would gain by equipping themselves seriously or by encouraging and facilitating the establishment of local medical industries, which would be no match for the developed countries, because it is time to catch up with them a little by buying specialized beds to improve care, the ability to build hospitals (even prefabricated ones) quickly to facilitate the response, building the capacity of medical staff, the latest equipment, setting up a start-up industry to manufacture artificial respirators, masks, in short, everything that is needed. We must see this as a real opportunity to bring out the African genius and solidarity and in this Mr. TONY EMULEMU is a pioneer because he strongly encourages it and takes a really active part in it.

We have to work together to improve our health care system in Africa in other to face future crisis