Entreprenuers comming together to find solution to COVID-19

Can we the Entrepreneurs in TEF join together to find a solution that will go a long way to solve this COVID-19 case. I believe in the thinking capacity of an entrepreneur, so lets team up, bring out some solution and i think TONY ELUMELU Himself will be proud and ready to help.

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yes, I’m interested. let’s build a team online and start as soon as possible

ok bro, so how do we start?

Fisrt of all identify our real problem difficulties,
Second looking for a means to keep our best your talented doctors in Africa

I’m very much interested in this, the world needs us now more than ever


@Udoh_Godstime Is true the world really needs us and we can’t be silent at this time.

@GEORGE_ANANI sure we can’t be silent, what are the plans and how do we key in

Thank you everyone for accepting the challenge.

As we know everybody is scared and talking about Corona virus deaths, effects on world businesses, first cases in countries, and how to prevent, but few of us thinking how we can beat : fake news, fears, and adopt proper preventions against it.
Incase Corona virus finish tonight, how you think our evironment, businesses, relationships, and back together will be ?
Here are my suggestions in which we shall brainstrom on and may create something out of :

1- For Entrepreneurs and Startups :
How to manage your mindset during these difficult times;
How to adjust your business plan & strategy in this new market;
How to lead through crisis and manage effective teams;
How to leverage this period to catch up on current initiatives:
Holding onto customers
Budget, expenses

2 - As WHO has outline the preventions,
What we can do to help people get real time communications, preventions details to uneducated, children and even homeless.

NB: If you are interested in the project, we can share our emails, whatsapp numbers or profile to forward create something & make to help the Africa