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The dream and passion of having my own business has kept burning in me for many years ago while I was still on my white cola job.
I became fulfilled by last year when I saw the new born business coming to existence; it was a passion being fulfilled.
I see people walking in and out of our business premises with a solution to their financial transactions and the likes through POS. What inspires me most is that as a financial service person who offers financial services to people in my community, I see customers overcoming their fears and the negative perception about account opening procedures and other banking activities which they have known to be hectic in the bank, is now simple, fast and understandable. We not only attend to their transactions but we also give them financial education and safety tips that will help them protect their funds from fraudsters. I am inspired seeing the great impact we are making in the lives of our customers, who also bring referrals to our shop for transactions.
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That is great. I too have have similar experience thinking that one could become rich while working for someone else. Had I known before now, my life would have been better than what is now. But I believe It is never too late than never. I was able to actualize my dream of fish farming out of frustration to get a satisfactory white cola job.
I found out about people’in my locality complaining of poor quality of catfish, poor taste , tiny, & high prices. I saw an opportunity in people problems and built a solution by going to fish farms in sub hub to purchase fish and got these people regular supplies which was relatively cheaper than the market prices. In this process I had customers’ loyalty, referrals from the exiting customers, good customers’ reports concerning my fish & home services / after sales services. This however inspired me to start my startup fish farming mid-last year and we are breaking forth in our operations.
Thanks to TEF for more exciting experience


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