Fashionprenurs,how do you manage your tailors

Hello fashionpreneurs
Please i will like some pointers about how to manage tailors for maximum result.
Suggestions are welcome😊

Thank you.


I think the point is to be innovative

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@Suleiman_habib innovation is important,however i need suggestions about the day to day handling of tailors😊


Getting good tailors is a criteria for a clothing business. As time goes by, working with people will make you understand the need to manage workers.

  1. Getting the to-do check list ready for the next day activity.
  2. Pick atleast a day in the week for brainstorming meetings
  3. Also be available to check up on the jobs each tailors are upto.
  4. There should be rules guiding the environment you work in.
  5. Time management is key
  6. It’s always good to create a work relationship with your tailors.

@Benita_Dunia Thank you so much


@Deborah_Stephen-Alae anytime :blush:

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Thank you for these points.

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Always set targets for each of your tailors, keep CCTV to monitor them when not present in your office or shop

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Didn’t you think installing a CCTV camera looks very strict which may inturn make your staff work under tensed condition and feeling insecure, uncomfortable and unfree to put in their their best and love for the work? Under this CCTV CAMERA some staff may even decide to play smart and outsmart you as the boss. I don’t know if am making sense here but I feel like there are other ways to make your staff have interest and put in all their heart to get the job done without been under such strick conditions. Well I stand to be corrected. Thank you


@Suleiman_habib CCTV camera is not optional in a structured workplace.

Special thanks to technology,you can now install CCTV and watch it live on your phone.this makes monitoring of business easier.

Any staff who feels uncomfortable because of a CCTV camera most definitely has something to hide.

There are several ways to make employees feel comfortable in the workplace but absence of CCTV is not one of them in my opinion.

Thank you


You are right, but it helps greatly to check mate their (employees’) activities. Meanwhile, just have a good salary structure for your employees in addition to the initial ideas you brought here


Very correct, CCTV is now a necessity in business in order to curtail employees’ sharp practices


having a good tailor is so significant and also giving him a good offer that we will be mutual is very important because it will make him to render his service so efficiently.


@Deborah_Stephen-Alae it all starts by employing the right people for the job , after that remuneration would keep them . alot of tailors believe there are opportunities out there and they would prefer working on contract basis. they can only stay when you pay them well

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@Deborah_Stephen-Alae I would say the first step to get good tailors is to get good production system. Except you produce bespoke, have pattens on ground that is nor dependent on an excellent tailor but on an OK tailor.

This way you get what you want without having to pay exorbitantly or worry much about staff misbehavior.

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@Akpomejeme_Ileleji Thank you sir