Finding the Right Business Name for your Business

Just a few tips on naming your Business:

  1. Your Business Name can be a combination of your name and spouse name
  2. It could be a name you cherish, may be your pet.
  3. It could be linked to the business concept
  4. You can equally use fruits as name of your business e.g Apple Inc is one of the largest companies in the world and worth $700billion
  5. If you happen to be a Christian you may as well derive your company name from the Holy Scriptures – The Bible.
  6. You can also use Location or Name of a particular city
    Remember, you can always change the Business name later as the Business grows, so don’t Panic!

Merci pour les conseils ! Je suis soulagé !

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Very good lessons

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it can also be an abstract word, meaning, you can coin it and give it a meaning. Twitter is an example. sometimes I try to make a diversify name so that I can use it when my business has grow.

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You are absolutely right buddy.