Season finale: Fireball!
By George Thomas

(1 minute read)

Fire makes, fire takes, fire isn’t something anyone should mess with, you can’t play with fire without risking burns. Apart from that, fire produces brightness. Long long ago, fire was the only artificial source of light and brightness in homes, and it dances graciously as it gives light.

Fuel (wood, petrol, kerosene e.t.c) are almost useless without the spark needed to burn them. They aren’t really achieving their purpose by lying around in reservoirs.

We have been preparing, studying, practicing and rehearsing. We are very potent as fuels, but until we spark into a higher form, we may remain in the same state.

Whatever the goals you planned for this year are, you need to take a step forward in achieving it. That step is the spark needed to burn your fuel. Once you start, you produce that bright fireball and all you need to do is to nurture the flames till it becomes self sustainable. So, start! And get it started!!

A new series will begin soon, anticipate!

With love,
George Ayobami Thomas
Manager at Luminous Greens