Fish business opportunities caused by covid-19 pandemic

Do you know that the outbreak of corona virus has been a blessing in disguise to some people in the events of searching for source of livelihood during the lock down.
During the lock down, concession s were given to those in food business and agricultural sectors or precisely essential services to transact their businesses. On the other hand, it was a disaster to those whose businesses were completely locked down and up till now their still counting their losses.
Incidentally, I met some private teachers who told me about their experiences in smoked fish business in Delta state and they openly told me that; they were dealing in fish business and that they were making much money in the business which trippled the salaries they were being paid as teachers in private schools which would not be paid on time.
They confessed that there was no point going back to their former jobs, which means many private schools would fall short of teachers even after the end of covid-19 pandemic; many people have ventures into alternative source of new businesses to earn a living.; and this will be the general phenomenon in the global economy
Thus covid-19 has created fortunes to many while it has also created serious setbacks to many as well; while some are happy for making more money ; some also are groaning under economic pain & hardships.
What is your views on this as you digest the write up .


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