Flair Feed Business Plan Summary

What is the problem you are solving?

Ans: Feed shortage and high prices that make many farmers unable to afford it.

How does your solution create and capture value?

Ans: it uses none GMO materials and it is balanced as opposed to just grass.

Why is your solution better than everything else?

Ans: it focuses on improved animal and human health by using feed alternatives that are not harmful both to the animal and its consumer.

Who exactly is your customer?

Ans: farmers both commercial and individuals.

How much is your customer willing to pay?

Ans: P300.00 $30

How will you reach your customers?

Ans: By advertisements, airing on radio and adverts on the television i will use social media and agricultural shows to create awareness.

Who do you need to help you create this business?

Ans: My fellow colleagues or graduates.

What can you do to rapidly scale up production?

Ans: I can incorporate the use of efficient and faster machinery like an extruder.

Why will the necessary individuals help you scale up your business?

Ans: They are skilled and therefore less time will be spent on training’s leading to efficiency and quality. We also share the same values and sentiments.


you did your work well

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I have said that, we can reach our customers by going directly to them. after media radio and television. they will be happy with us


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Thank you guys i am truly honored.

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