Free Training On How To Make Hand Sanitizer To Help Prevent Covid-19

Hello TEF members, my name is Michael Godsent Malachy Chinweoke (Author, Musician, Inspirational Speaker, Event Planner And Host).
As we all know, the world is faced with a deadly disease called Corona Virus also known as Covid-19.
A lot of people are panicking due to the fact that the price most of the things recommended to everyone to use against this disease by World Health Organization (WHO) has been increased overnight.
For the reason, I chose to share my knowledge on how to manufacture hand sanitizer.
Below is how to make hand sanitizer:

  1. Get 1.5L of empty clean water bottle.
  2. Get 31.2mls of Hydrogen Peroxide and pour it into the bottle.
  3. Add 22mls of Glycerin in Rose Water into it.
  4. Add 1.25L of the Methylated Spirit into it.
  5. Then, make the volume to the 1.5L of the bottle (i.e 203ml of the water).
  6. Shake very well and package it into clean container for use.

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Good luck as you make good use of the information/knowledge I shared here and don’t forget that Covid-19 is a respecter of no body.


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