Had TEF released the $5000 seed first then training after, how many - - -

(Knowledge John) #1

How many here have not asked the question, “When is the $ coming?”. Imagine you had already received the seed, how long would it take for you to complete the training and how many would actually complete? Confessions :wink:

(Faith Wambua) #2

@Knowledge_John This is interesting . Money does change people and maybe not many would be keen to finish the training because they want to hurry up and get the business running and start making money for themselves. We often think we know when we actually don’t! I have learnt that from the trainings! I thought I knew how i would run my business, but as we continue to do the weekly tasks, I realize I lacked so much information. Personally I would finish the training because I really want to put the seed capital into wise use. I would be so disappointed if I looked back with regrets of how I allocated the money.

(Joshua Jumbo) #3

The numbers would have been ‘seriously’ halfed.

I think i’d still complete the training but much slower

(Tendai Losi) #4

It was going to be a different story

(glodi dinanga) #5

we have to put a ? on it may be time will tell us the truth,but i think it will be insane or not responsible to be lost after getting it seed,those formations is also important for us.

(Manex Samuneti) #6

for me i feel this training is more impactful compared to the money. am learning a lot from here. i feel i would have completed the training even before venturing into serious business.

(Gbenga Odunikan) #7

many people would want to bypass the training and venture into the business directly

(Knowledge John) #8

Guilty :raising_hand_man:
I had all kinds of business proposal templates and had actually done a business plan for my project so when we started I thought for me it was going to be a copy paste job and dollar to my way, but believe, right from week 1 TEF got me back on the desk.

Me too :sunglasses: @Joshua_Jumbo
Really different story :wink: @Tendai_Losi
True talk @glodidin glodi dinanga
Smart @Manex_Samuneti
You know @Gbenga_Odunikan

(Clara Okoro) #10

The quality of materials TEF has given us will guide our businesses for years to come, its priceless and very practicable and easy to understand.

(Masego Dode) #11


(ismail osman ahmed) #12

I better abstain from answering such hypothesis, honestly, what is the point? I feel sorry for such intellectual viewpoint.

(Gladmore Moses) #13

haha true my bro but the knowledge and the education we are getting from this training is more than 5k ,because personally i feel you need to be equipped before any funding, who will want to invest in a business with no direction .

(Knowledge John) #14

Hi @ismail_osman_ahmed, thank you for expressing your feelings towards my post.
In this post, I together with all the entrepreneurs who have commented above except for one, are simply making a point that the TEF model of preparing entrepreneurs before releasing funds is smart. The topic is already yielding. Certain discussions are brought forward to cause an awakening or realization of the importance of something.

(Knowledge John) #15

@Clara_Okoro & @Gladmore_Moses
I totally agree.


it was indeed the best idea to train before the release of the seed capital. imagine giving a gun to an untrained man, he will definately shoot himself.

(Chika Anyaka) #17

i didnt start in time with others but as i went through the tasks i realized i will be deceiving myself if i dont finish the task. the truth is that, knowledge is power, applied knowledge is greater power, this is a programe i would paid some money to acquire in MBA. Am really grateful to God and the TEF foundation for this program.

(Oghenekome Oveh) #18

Money is a very tricky thing I know some people may not consider any of the task alot with the “I am busy” idea

(Edwin Agwupuye) #19

You are right sir

(Knowledge John) #20

@AKOR_AGBO @Chika_Anyaka @Oghenekome_Oveh @Edwin_Agwupuye
Hopefully everyone is learning from TEF, you guys and everyone in this platform who is sharing their stories.

(Jeremiah Joseph) #21

The participation would have really been poor. Majority of people would have exhibited high level of lackadaisical attitude towards it. Our boss Tony Elumelu and his team really wants the best for us that’s why they’ve decided not just to give us the money but to provide a platform that we can learn and become more successful at the lunch of our business.