Had TEF released the $5000 seed first then training after, how many - - -

(Michael Akpabio) #22

The simple truth is some people would have even forgotten their password to the tefconnect forum

(Oghenekome Oveh) #23

Very true

(James Ssepuya) #24

The training may not have been mandatory, but absolutely obligatory for both long term planning and business sustainability!


You just spoke my mind. If I have had the knowledge gained since this training started by now i will be running a better business and customer relationship. The Training comes FIRST.

(Lynda Chude) #26

Quite interesting… Lol obviously we won’t have such turnout


I want to believe that TEF perhaps anticipated this and that’s why they thought it wise to take us through these twelve weeks of training. Believe you me, many of us on this platform would not have a kobo by now.

(Chukwuka Njoku) #28

You have a point @Knowledge_John.
The 12-weeks training hasn’t disappointed so far.

(sylvester emamezi) #29

I would still complete the training

(Knowledge John) #30

Loving your honest @Jeremiah_Joseph @Michael_Akpabio @Michael_Akpabio @Oghenekome_Oveh @James_Ssepuya @FELIXEVB @Lynda_Chude @GEOFFREY_MBONA @Chukwuka_Njoku @sylvester_emamezi

(Michael Uzoma) #31

Combination of TEF 12 weeks training and the seed capital will make successful entrepreneur. Rushing into the later without full knowledge of the former will be a total disaster for any starter as all key guide to being a successfully entrepreneur is dished out in the training.

(Knowledge John) #32


(Tope Atere) #33

We had been lucky in life… Tony Elumelu. The truth of the matter is that given the seed capital first we make most people unlucky at the end of the day. The training before the seed capital is the best. I might wont be able to complete the training on time if the seed capital comes first because I will be busy administrating the seed capital

(Sampson Agboola) #34

I’ll still complete the training, because i have seen individuals who had the financial capacity to run businesses but lacked the skills and know hows of operating a scalable and successful business, and in the long run their businesses failed.

(Grace Ningejeje) #35

i think it is the good idea for the seed to come after in order for us to do a proper business plan,

(Knowledge John) #36

So this order can be applied somehow in our businesses. No releasing funds until spender (department) is equipped :wink: #tef-entrepreneurship-programme-2019
@Tope_Atere @Sampson_Agboola @GraceNin

(Olubunmi Olutayo-Adigun) #37

I completely agree with this.

(Emmanuel Omongole) #38

Truthfully, I doubt I’d be paying this much attention though I must admit I’ve learned way beyond I expected from TEF training, I’m glad the money comes later after training as of now, otherwise we would rush into operations and fidget


Lol…No comment


You have always got interesting topics sir, well the training will be completed but I think not at this pace.

(Hakeem Mahmud) #41

The foundation is grounded in all aspects of the program and that is why the arrangements is superb. If the seed capital is given before the training it will amount to WASTE because most people will waste the money. If you are part of the program and your target is the seed capital please change your mind, focus more on your VISION and MISSION statement that will take you far in the journey, the reason your why is very important, they give you momentum when going get tough. If your why is not strong enough you would have enough strength to navigate the turbulent water. Let all shift our attention to the training and become good entrepreneur,then you will realize the seed capital is just a push.