Had TEF released the $5000 seed first then training after, how many - - -

(Udofot Umoh) #42

Yes many do ask the question.
For me, I will complete the training. I always finish before the end of the week.

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(Knowledge John) #44

:clinking_glasses: to determination!

(Knowledge John) #45

True. Considering TEF as a founding partner :wink:


Completing the training is a must do for me,it actually a mind opening and a blessing,what I’ve learnt in this forum is just not compare to a year in the university

(Knowledge John) #47

I agree


you are welcome,

(Triphonie NTIRAMPEBA) #49

Disons chapeau à la TEF qui a pensé de nous faire d’abord cette formation! En effet, pas mal d’entrepreneurs n’arrive ps à rendre leur entreprise pérenne faute d’ignorance d’entrepreneuriat

(Onoriode Evaiwe) #50

Sincerely, the process would not be as intense as it is.

(Nickson Musenda) #51

We need business tool kit before getting funded

(Lamoussa SANOGO) #52

It’s only the $ 5,000 that motivates you ? Sir, if you only attend the training to get the $ 5,000, then you’ll stop the training if you get them now. Personally, I am not motivated solely by funding, even without the funding I will follow this training. And even after funding, I will continue to review these courses because I do it for myself. As a beginner entrepreneur, this training is perfect for us to understand things right now, the road is long and we need a good training and that’s what TEF is giving us, an excellent training. I am very happy to be part of this program, I have already understood a lot.
Best regards

(Augustine Onyeke) #53

its amazing the diverse opinions we groom concerning money. true it makes the world go round, but also a big distraction like some have opinionated. my take: this course experience is double the worth of the money. as much as the money is seed to launch or invigorate already thriving business ideas, we should prioritize the training as prelude to a successful business establishment. my perception since embarking on this training concerning business is one of care, caution, risk and strategy to gain the bull’s eye of success; so much has been gained, especially the mentoring and being able to learn to understand the dynamics of entrepreneurs in the trending 21st century.

(Minenhle Ndzinisa) #54

Honestly I would still complete the training because I applied for this project for the information above everything. I am passionate about I do and I know that it will be successful no matter what but I had very little knowledge on the ins and outs of running a business. That knowledge is what I paid for. Second if I had received the money I now know that I wouldn’t have used it in a way that would have given my passion and work its best chance to succeed meaning I wouldn’t have wasted an amazing opportunity to fulfill my purpose and make a difference in peoples lives.

(Vincent oforishe) #55

Is it possible to make heaven without receiving the word of God, or is it possible to have children without Marry a wife, if all is possible so why should we go through training the training will be of no used then, your training will secured your seed capital and also help you in life, no training no money that is the policy



(Knowledge John) #57

Merci Triphon. Chapeaux de TEF !
Rendons-les fiers.

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Thanks to TEF we have the TEEP!

(Knowledge John) #60

Well said @Lamoussa_SANOGO, thank you!

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