Had TEF released the $5000 seed first then training after, how many - - -

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Thanks for the honesty @Minenhle

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:joy: I like


The training is really vital before receiving the seed funding.

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I’m with you @JOSEPH_KAGAME.

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Personally, I would complete the training because it teaches a lot about marketing, finance, investment, budgeting, etc all of which are crucial in entrepreneurship

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Thanks for the honesty @Enock_Kato


As for me this training is never completed, until i can teach others practically everything i have learnt here for this 12 weeks. CEOs let keep on learning and updating with these TEF tools.

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I’m with you friend, lets pass it on.

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I agree with you fellow cohort and that is why Mr Uwem emphasize that to be a successful Entrepreneur, you need to continue to learn, unlearn and relearn continuously… Robert Kiyosaki says that when he first learn that nine out of ten business fail in their five years, what it means to him was that if he must succed,he must be prepared to fail nine times or more but must learn the lesson which force him to relearn and unlearn continuously. After two failures,he found success.

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You can say that again ceo

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We need faith at this time.

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To failure :clinking_glasses: and to success :clinking_glasses:
Very to @Hakeem_Mahmud

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@Matthew_Ekenna @Omar_Jallow

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Lol. This is interesting

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Learning is the step with Will first for your purposes achieving and your business success.

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:joy::joy::joy: confess @Chika_Eze-Anopuo

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I concur with you @Aliyu_Muhammad2

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lmao this is an interesting question

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