Have you been unsuccessful at getting into tef? - read this

Rejection can be very difficult to deal with. Those of you who have not been able to make it into the past editions of TEF can agree, especially if you’ve devoted so much time and resource to the application and the training.

You read everything online, you ticked all the right boxes, your business seemed solid, you even made a video or created a website. So where did it all go wrong??
Over the years, I have noticed lots of errors enthusiastic business men and women make during the TEF application. These errors reoccur every year for hundreds of thousands of people, making work quite easy for the selection board.

As a business developer with 11 years of business planning and financial analysis experience, I have helped a number of people with their applications. Many of them are proud to call themselves aluminis today.

I am going to hold your hand and help you qualify! This is my calling.

January 2020 is almost upon us and there is good news. The African Development bank has agreed to fund an additional 1,000 entrepreneurs in the coming edition. This will take the tally to +3000; this means that you now have a better chance to get funded!

The question is, are you going to fly high with the 2020 cohort this time, or are you going to receive yet another unfortunate rejection email.

My name is OG Adoga, I am a business developer. Since 2011, the irresistible applications I have drafted have yielded up to 172 grants, investments, growth and partnerships.



Can you please add me up in group, I just read your manuscript and I need to be guided 08149445822

This is a very good vital point a start business entrepreneur should see beyond the paper work, the need to rise up gradually and continue succeeding in the business need the support of business developer, so to understand the strength of the business.

Hello David Adoga .kindly share your number pls

The whats app group is full. Not admitting new members again.

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Kindly text me your number via 07030649664


You’ve it right my brother. I couldn’t just stand that awful moment when i saw that email pop-up. Men i felt like what! after all these sleepless nights and countless hours spend on the computer. Anyways, i was able to pick myself up to get prepare for 2020 TEF edition. Thanks.


Yes I also tried several times but was notified that it was full.please can I be considered. I am really interested to be part.

This time around I need to be successful I have gone through this road five good times without success,please tel;l me what to do to succeed this time around

Kindly add me on your mentorship platform: 08169665254.
Thank you.

Hi, the group is full kindly create a new one or better still let us all migrate to a telegram page . Much Thanks. For me I will even be ready to pay a small fee for your classes . I am from Ghana.


You can all join with this link

I love you Mr OG Adoga. Thank you for all you do for me last year in helping me succeed on this program.

The whatsup page seems filled